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(2) Creating awareness among school/college students

BY Anusha, Sruthi, Madhuri, Anil

1)Textbooks /Notebooks cover pages:

Images or few lines which give knowledge about swacchbharat can be printed as textbooks or notebooks cover pages and content pages.

2)Coins Distribution and Marks system :

Students are interested in prizes and marks. Therefore, management should introduce a kind of system in which all the students will be given same no. of coins. If any of them come across student throwing waste they can pass the coin to him. In the weekends the students with fewer coins can be given prizes. Class must be divided into few groups and groups are allotted to few places for cleaning and students are given marks for it.

3) In schools and colleges, walls can be painted by swachbharat representing postures. Images or posters can be posted on the walls and display boards.

4) During school anniversaries programmes, students are intimated to performany dance or stage play on swacchbharat theme.

5) They should be asked to make some videos on swacchbharat and post it on YouTube.

6) Teachers must be intimated to take lessons on swacchbharat every week or once in 10 days.

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(1) Creating awareness among school students

BY Nachiket, Prajwal, Ghanshyam


Lunch Breaks/ Recess is the most joyous period in the schools schedule for every child. At the end of the break every student is filled with enthusiasm and energy. Why don’t we use this energy of every student to inculcate in them the habit of cleanliness? Good habits can be inculcated in childhood more efficiently and as the age increases the ability of one to adapt good habits decreases.



So our ideas is, at the end of the recess/ Mid-day break a 5 min time should be          allotted for Swachata Abhiyan. Before the conclusion bell for recess a bell will be rang.  As soon as the bell rings every student is expected to collect the garbage around him and throw it in the dustbin. Teachers would be assessing the student’s activity. The teachers will observe that which students actively take part in this cleanliness period. At the end of this activity students would be going their respective class.

After every 15 days there will be class gathering. Class Gathering can be collectively held for either one or two batches collectively.  In this students of a particular section will be assigned for organizing the gathering, right from crowd management to the onstage performances. Every gathering would be based on a specific theme on which the students will be performing various activities like skits, elocutions, poem recitation, singing dance, etc. All these activities will be supervised by the teachers. Such student activities will provoke the thought processing of the kids and make them acquainted with the theme (theme will be either social or some relevant topics). At the end of the gathering, a valedictory will be conducted where in one student from each batch will be awarded a medal/batch based on his enthusiasm and participation in Swachhata Abhiyan and their overall performance.

Action Points:

  • Implementation of Swachhata Period in lunch Break
  • Conducting Class Gathering for inculcating various good habits and ethics in the students.
  • Promoting open ended discussion and encouraging students.


This type of engagement of students with teachers will create awareness among students. Medals will be such that the student should wear it daily while coming to school, this type of rewards will always motivate the students to strive harder to achieve the medal. And this competitive atmosphere will induce the good habits in them.

Also this activity doesn’t require much of logistics and capital investment. Further this activity abides by the rules and regulation of maximum educational institutes and would satisfy their Vison and Mission.