B G 17


BY Shubham Kene, Ishan Chouhan, Pranay Dahiwale, Aditya Prava, Ishant Dhage, Akshay Gaurkhede

Smart Materials are useful in converting one form of energy into another by some or other principles. Whether these smart materials can be made useful in saving electricity is the driving force among researchers in search of energy saving materials. Our work is towards the application of smart materials in voltage generation. PZT (Lead Zirconium Titanate) is one such type of smart material looking forward for an application as green materials and is expected to be made useful in saving electricity. The concept of “AUTOMATED SMART ROOM may be one type of such invention for future aspects. Using electro-ceramics sensors, it is possible to develop such a room which can automatically switch on the electricity supply as soon as person steps on the sensor (which are attached on floor of the room) and also automatically cut off the electricity supply as the person leaves the room. This has been frequently used in Australia and New Zealand. If this concept is put into use, just think how much electricity we can save!


Features of Automated Smart Rooms (ASR):

  1. A room without any electric switches
  2. Save electricity without having to switch off buttons manually
  3. Floor only act as switch for electrical appliances



This is idea of Mr. Sudhanshu Kuthe, Final Year B.Tech student of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur had presented this innovative idea in the competition called 3MT at IIT Powai’s event called Padarth.


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