B G 17

Wall of kindness!

–BY Rishabh, Mangesh

Initially started for the homeless people of the Mashhad, Iran, the act serves a purpose to support the people in need. In response to social media, large numbers of people are taking part as a campaign and it has helped many homeless or otherwise destitute people during the cold winter weather.

The basic purpose of starting this is to help to help the homeless people and who are seriously in need to fulfill their basic need of clothing. There is not a single organization or administration that is keeping track of or maintaining records on this voluntary venture. This just turned out to be a give and take between the needy and the ones that wanted to contribute. With the regular sight of dirty walls that are filled with movie posters and spit stains, this is beautiful work by the citizens of North India, and it is worth spreading across the entire country.

Such Act to Kindness have been started in India at various places like Allahabad, Dehradun, Korba etc. Named as ‘Neki ki Deewar’.

Few such walls named as ‘Maanuskichi Bhinta’ are present in Nagpur City, Maharashtra. It is really a very simple and efficient way of helping the needy and we should encourage and supports such efforts.



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