B G 17

Tyres from Tomato!

–BY Nachiket Gokhale

In future there are signs of production of motor tyres from agricultural residues along with the industries. Scientists have come up with technologies that would utilise tomato peels and egg shells for the production of tyre fillers

Since last few centuries the tyres were manufactured using petroleum products. Now these food wastes would replace these petroleum products. Scientists from Ohio state university have found out the technology for utilizing tomato peels to manufacture tyres which are more efficient and durable. Scientist Katerina Karnish says, due to this technology rubber products will become more durable and also would aid in utilising this food waste effectively. Any tyre contains 30% of Carbon Black. This carbon black is produced from petroleum products and delivers black colour and strength to the rubber. The increase in demands of tyres and the extinction of petroleum stocks, there is a need to find out alternative fillers which can be produced using the resources which are easily available and unutilized.

Farmers prefer cultivating breeds of tomato having thick peels as thick peels increase the life of tomatoes. These type of tomatoes are preferred by ketchup manufacturing industries. These industries only utilise the pulp of tomato and the peels are thrown away. These peels are now utilised to make tyre fillers.

Tyres made using tomato fillers are reddish in colour. Egg shell fillers give the necessary strength but lag in giving flexibility. These tomato Fillers add flexibility to the tyre.



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