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Waste workers…

BY Ankush, Aditya, Amar

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a waste worker. Ever wondered what if you were in his/her shoes for a day. Ever wondered what these stereotyped “kachrawalas” go through every day. In many societies, they are regarded as despicable. They carry garbage in their cargo tricycle all the way from garbage pit to the dumping spot. Somehow it makes us poignant as they have to carry all those stinky waste materials which we have dumped and they have to clean up all the waste. By the mechanism of parity, we think this is far off from reality. Give a thought to this.

Its high time we started thinking about them so that we can make our society a better place to live in. For this, we have to not just be individualistic in our approach i.e. we have to start thinking about waste workers. We should cut down on the waste being dumped and the biodegradable items should be segregated from the non-biodegradable items so that they can re-used. Secondly, there should be active participation from the members of the society forurban waste management and sustainability. This builds a rapport with people involved in carrying the waste items. Lastly and the most important one, we should build an organization within ourselves, which works for the social upliftment of the waste workers. This could lift them immensely.

There are many more methods apart from the ones aforementioned, which can be done to improve the situation. We, as a group of engineers are trying to work on these, if there is anything which can be done, we would love to hear from you!


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