B G 17

Revolutionary programme that transformed Bengal village!

BY Yogitha

Not everyone is capable of a lot of capital investment in agriculture, but that should not seal the person’s fate to be doomed. It was essential to have respect for the soil with a resolute will to bring back its fertility through scientific and consistent intervention, they reasoned. A restored soil led the key to a better future. Thus was born the institution FAIDA(Food and Agriculture Integrated Development Action) , run as a trust and having slowly found acceptance of its philosophy in 13 states of India after a decade of hard work.


Farm Philosophy:

FAIDA’s agricultural philosophy is to equip farmers with a fertilizer that restores the health of the soil and helps put in place an adulteration-free production practice that improves food quality and ultimately puts an end to the farmer’s dependence on external agricultural inputs to produce his own food.

The manure constitutes a combination of rock phosphate, gypsum, pyrite, lime, mustard dressings (khol), neem fruit dressings, and vermicompost, blended in a ratio that is decided according to the nature of the soil in that geographical region. This effectively neutralizes the havoc wrought by using DAP (di-ammonium phosphate) in the soil. Using this manure will lower the farmer’s production costs and increase his yield, and this practice should consistently be replicated.

To encourage the partial sourcing of manure from cows, FAIDA started the Nandalal Gaushala Project. Under this project, cows would provide both milk products, and contribute to the making of manure for chemical pesticide-free agriculture, and be used in a variety of other profitable uses. A village producer society would work with up to 25 milch cows, and not more than that. The project divides the profit accruing from the ownership of the cow in a 50:50 ratio between the owner and the producer.



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