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Kiosk- clean your vehicles

–BY Manojni KBM

After many long drive on weekends and to use that same dusty bike on the next morning feels grimy. Getting your bike cleaned on monday mornings in local garages or service centers is difficult and time consuming.

Problem with road side garages:

  1. In local wash & service centers they use nearly 50 liters of water to clean each bike.
  2. They clean the bikes manually using a single water gun with which they have to first wash the bike, then scrub and rinse, etc.
  3. More over the water used for cleaning contains lots of detergents & hard chemicals, which are difficult for the cleaners to handle and also to the environment.
  4. After use this water is then left down to flow through the drains or else on to the roadside.
  5. Local garages usually keep bikes with themselves for the day and ask customers to return in the evening, which is not the most efficient way of providing service.


Tackling all these problems EBW ( express bike works ) came out with a solution that would save time and water and also with same efficiency as local garages.

The machine is basically a kiosk that can accommodate bikes of any size. A customer has to drive with the bike inside the kiosk, come out, shut the door, and click a button. There is an array of nozzles (with sprays) in the machine specifically designed and positioned in a way that the water comes out with optimum pressure to clean bikes. The water is mixed with biodegradable detergents(which are non toxic). The total time that it takes for a biker in this entire process is two minutes.

Advantages over the local garages:

  1. EBW scientifically derived an empirical formula to optimize the amount of water used , it is about 1/4 th of the water use by normal methods.The water flow and pressure are also optimal. This can save 12 million liters of water in two years.
  2. They use biodegradable detergents , which are easy to handle and are environmental friendly.
  3. After use the water recycling system collects the water and is used to water nearby plants .The sludge is collected by the pollution control department .
  4. All the processes like washing, rubbing, rinsing are done parallel to each other which saves time.                                                                                                                                     This cleaning technique is implemented by cars and even to the uneven surfaces of bikes.



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