C D 17

Weightiness of Field Visits

-BY Akanksha Sagar

Mr. Samir Deshkar from department of Architecture , explained the class about the importance , flow process , limits and thinking behind the field visits. Field visit is important to prepare students by developing their visual literacy, and by integrating the visit actively into the curriculum. Deshkar sir elaborated this point through personal experiences during his visits:

1.Dhajji Dewari constructions in Jammu and Kashmir

which include timber frames arranged in triangular form to ensure stability.


2.Visit to Understand a Community

This was the special case to justify the do’s and don’ts on a visit

  • Opinions on a point need to be taken from every section of the society, like people who are facing the problem and who has already faced the problem .
  • An established society has particular set of rules which should be taken care while undertaking an activity because it is to be kept in mind that it is their home area and unfriendly, unfamiliar to us. So, to expect proper cooperation from the society, you also need to provide them with same.

3. He then mentioned about his visit to KR Market , Bangalore ,a wholesale market where people used to travel long distances for export and import of goods. He mentioned that long back there used to be a large number of theaters as a source of entertainment , as time  passed a need of an alternative for movies was felt and thus came out in the form of conversion of  many theaters into brothels .

The class adjourned with a good idea about the weightiness of field visits for the success of any practical innovation and a promise to have a another such great session by Deshkar Sir.






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