B G 17


17409915_625442524316451_1532261705_n[1]For all of those people who cannot start there day without a cup of tea, would know that making tea for the family is not as easy as it seems. Being a chemical engineer I know scaling up a process while maintaining the constant ratio of raw products doesn’t work very well and that making tea for an entire train full of people is indeed a difficult task and requires a lot of patience. So the tea vendors serving on the rails have come up with this method of making instant tea which requires them to carry hot milk and water mixture in a metal container while the flavour is added on the spot as per consumers choice. The main problem arises when the vendor has to publicise his tea all the way while carrying a hot, heavy metal container from bogie to bogie. The crowd in Indian railways doesn’t make it any better, in fact it makes the vendor wish for an extra limb only so he can hold on to a support and prevent himself and his boiling delicacy from falling onto something or someone else. So here comes the innovation – BABY CARRIER BACK PACKS, just instead of a mewling and a puking baby you have a brewing and a tasty tea container strapped to your front with secure belts and straps, not only does it make it easy to carry but also spares both the arm which are now free to perform other necessary functions. The vendors now have no difficulty making a tea for some passenger and travelling to and fro the bogies is so much simpler and safer. So enjoy your tea on move, now also available in two new flavors.


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