C D 17

Ted Talk 1!

BY Anshul

Why is India so filthy? | The Ugly Indian | TEDxBangalore

Here’s the link to the full video! Check it out!

The narrator is anonymously named Anamik Nagrik, and he explains in a very interesting manner the upfront issue of cleanliness in India, particularly, Bangalore in this case. At the start, He has some major questions for us which includes why do we Indians keep our streets dirty and our homes clean? As the video proceeds, we can see how he suggests probable solutions to these problems. The various experiments undertaken by the citizens or the government were actually successful in some areas. The talk was then later discussed amongst us and Sachin sir.

Some of the points which were the highlights are summarised below.

It was realised that once an area or a wall becomes dirty, people continue to throw wastes there or stain the walls. A simple solution such as painting the wall white considerably beautified the wall, and discouraged people from further destroying it. Another point was that if we see a problem, we should not wait for some one to fix it, we should try and fix it ourselves if possible. Whether it be a slum or a tech park, you can make change! If we decide to do things and don’t just talk, incredible things can happen. And the best part of all the solutions taken up by the citizens was that they all were cheap. It took around 3000INR to fix a spot, that’s roughly just 6 USD per person! Moreover, the government loves it, when the citizens engage. Accordingly we came to an overall conclusion, Stop being an Ugly Indian today, and go out and do something!


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