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Can you eat water bottles?

BY Anshul

Imagine yourself at work. It has been a pretty normal day. While returning to home after the day, you stopped by a road side vendor to have a sandwich. You grabbed your sandwich and a water bottle and continued walking. You realise that it’s difficult to walk with a sandwich and bottle in one hand and a briefcase in other. What if you are at a place where you couldn’t find trash cans? Then you’ll have to carry that empty bottle to your home. What if there’s an alternative and innovative approach to consume water?

Edible bottle comes into picture. They are spherical balls of water with little to no coating over them. You have to grab one and just swallow it. Behold, your thirst is gone in seconds! ‘Ooho’ is made from chlorine and brown algae extract and almost completely eliminates the need for a plastic bottle. It’s totally safe to consume, or it can be composted. The casing or the covering has no natural taste, so even flavours can be added to it. Just grab one, peel the skin and gulp! The outer covering keeps the water inside clean and fresh. Other than being environment friendly, it’s also cheaper than to produce bottles. A major use can be for marathon and long distance runners or sports men. Imagine the amounts of reduction of the use of plastic bottles. Good Going World!

Here’s a link to the facebook video!



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