At Work

Class Diary 18 Feb 2016

After a week of Sessional Exams, we are ready to resume our work for this course. Professor told us about the vision he had when he started this course with the aim of developing a learning-based model for studying.

Our plan to start a summer innovation and design school is getting materialised while we are also undertaking visits for case studies in different places in Nagpur. Last week Sachin sir took us to Nagpur Railway station. We visited different platforms of Nagpur Main Station and found out the problems faced by Platform maintenance staff and worked out problem statements to think over.

One such design problem that came up was about the waste management inside the bogeys. People usually leave the empty food packets and tickets on their seats after their journey when they get off the train.

railway station .008Surely changes to the design of bogeys look plausible, but we would have to consider the following types of train to design bogeys according to the need of the people.

Design of bogies for different types of trains from cleanliness point of view-

  • Short distance trains (Intercity express)
  • Long distance Less stoppage
  • Long distance, More stoppage
  • Overnight trains
  • Luxury trains

We will ponder over these design problems and look for a solution. Make sure you hit the subscribe button to catch all the updates.

At Work

Class Diary 6 Feb 2016

Sachin sir caught unfortunately caught typhoid. He was hospitalised and was not able to engage classes since three weeks now.

We will resume work right away. Planning visits to Railway station, Bus stop, Temples, and Bhandewadi waste treatment plant.

Ashwin subscribed to Down-to-Earth and it a gold mine for resourceful articles related to green-earth and conservation.

We will be impatiently waiting to update the blog about our progress with the course.